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.s. interest in libya and sabotage libyan and u.s. relations. the libyan government now saying this investigation is its top priority. they have made a number of arrests. they have four people in custody, at least so far, who are being interrogated and they are looking into links of these people to the extremist groups that possibly carried out this attack saying they are taking this very, very seriously and they'll bring the perpetrators of this attack to justice. >> the pictures there so that this consulate has been destroyed. do we know if there are any protesters who were part of the original protest? anyone still there? >> well, victor, what we are seeing now in libya here in the capital tripoli and benghazi, over the past few days people have taken out to the streets in protests against what happened, showing solidarity with the united states, mourning for the loss of ambassador stevens and other americans. in benghazi calls on social media sites from libyans saying they want to put money into fixing the consulate. they want to help clean up the scene of the attack. so, r
erupts in libya but the message isn't hatred toward america, it's love. >> also, the tape that launched a thousand blogs and may have derailed a campaign. all morning we're looking at romney's comments on the 47% and the anatomy of the leak. >> you heard chicken soup for a cold. what about blueberries to fight cancer. we'll show you what to eat to beat ccer and other illnesses. >>> it is saturday, september 22nd. good morning, everyone. glad you're with us. >> we're starting with politics and the big news from the campaign trail. a piece of paper. well, it's more like a stack of paper. this stack right here. more than 300 pages, it's mitt romney's tax return. just one year, though. last year, 2011. not the tn years some have asked for. >> the romney campaign may not have released those tax forms but they did try to clear up some of the questions. >> reporter: mitt romney arrived here in las vegas knowing it's always a safe bet to do a document dump at the end of a week. mitt romney came to las vegas and rolled the dice, releasing new tax information. according to his 2011 return, the go
and pakistan, but in libya people are protesting for democracy and fighting back against radical islamists. they say three will be closed in a week of protesting. our senior international correspondent arwa damon is in libya. >> reporter: they're certainly at least at this point in team seem to be having a ripple-on effect. to begin with what happened friday in the afternoon, pro-democracy demonstrators took to the streets demanding an end to the existence of armed militias, demanding that the government forces, the army and the police, be the only authority on the streets of the country. following that, at night we saw hundreds of vilks storming one of the headquarters of a known militant group in benghazi after they initially managed to peacefully take over that location, they then set their sights on a second area. this turned out to be a battalion that is, in fact, endorsed by the government. it did result in some clashes that caused injuries and casualties and then the army eventually in the early morning hours moved in, especially trying to remove massive weapons. we arrived on site
. it is 7:00 in the east, 4:00 out west. it's the first day of fall. in libya pro-democracy demonstrators have stormed the headquarters of a radical islamist group linked to an attack that left four dead. >> that group has denied any involvement but some benghazi citizens apparently want that compound turned over to government troops. eight people, including some members of that radical group have been arrested in connection with the consulate attack. >> now to politics and presidential taxes -- no, we're not talking about the candidates' tax plans or mitt romney's comments on the 47% of americans who pay no federal income taxes. instead we're specifically talking about how much mitt romney paid himself. his campaign released his 2011 f tax return and romney paid almost $2 million in taxes off an income of almost $14 million, a 14.1% rate. so why the low rate? the majority of romney's income came from investments. in fact, all but about half a million of it. here's what the obama campaign had to say afterwards. "mitt romney took advantage of complex loopholes and tax shelters only availab
know, in libya, for example, there is a pretty small mof people who are ptesting against the video, and afterward there were huge numbers who were marching to -- and to apologize to america. >> it's part of a narrative of the u.s. out to get islam. you know, a pakistani mullah once told me that since the united states executes people for committing blasphemy, then why shouldn't pakistan? i said the u.s. executes blasphemers? he said, yeah, president clinton burned to death scores of christian hair ticks. he said month. he pulled off a book off the shelf and pointed to the incident in waco, texas, in 1993. >> oh, my. >> there's a real misunderstanding here that i think also feeds that, and, you know, at the hands of a lot of young men, unemployed, kind of frustrated with their governments, vulnerable to jihadys taking over a maretive using this as a way of pushing back at their own government. i think all of this is kind of coming together. >> and in terms of these protests in the middle east and north africa that we're seeing right now, i mean, are they about religion, do you think
. to libya, investigatie investig arriving. they're supposed to be investigates the deaths of four americans including ambassador chris stevens. they were killed in benghazi last week. this is the video of the gutted out consulate. it's believe the attack was planned by al qaeda operatives. >>> now to california. na cue la basseley na cue la talked yesterday. part of it hinges on his past. >> it was all choreographed. there were conversations between the federal probation officers and him. he was ready and willing and very cooperative it's unknown where nakoula went after the interview. >>> now, let's move to egypt where protesters had gathered for several ys for anti-american demonstrations but now it turns out not all of the protesters were there because of their anger toward the u.s. and the anti-muslim interview. they were there because they were getting paid to be there. our cnn international correspondent ben wedeman is there. ben, good morning. >> reporter: this is the egyptian prime minister who made that claim in an interview with the bbc arabic service. of course, we've heard this
with the new revelations on the deadly attack in libya. >> the attack that killed chris stevens and three other americans. >> the u.s. intelligence community now says it was a deliberate terrorist assault. cnn intelligence correspondent suzanne kelly has more. >> this is really the fullest account aing yet on behalf of the community which rarely venchers to the public domain to issue what they knew. the intelligence community says this was a deliberate and terrorized result sympathetic to al qaeda. that comes from se s from shawn. the reason we're seeing something like this two plus weeks after the attack, there is growing frustration within the inteigence community itself how information is being used. that initial assessment being this was a protest, a spontaneous attack that grew out of a protest in response to the anti-muslim films. it appears that as more information came in, that picture changed. the story from administration officials didn't change so dramatically and i think that really shows us that there are still unanswered questions. we don't have a direct timeline on when administr
the model used in last year's uprising in libya. >>> members of congress are getting back to work tomorrow after a five-week recess. they have a laundry list of critical issues to tackle. many wonder if they'll really get anything done. athena jones has more. [ cheers ] >> reporter: as election season enters the homestretch, lawmakers return to capitol hill this week, facing big issues. but given their recent record of accomplishment or lack thereof, the question is whether any of it will get done. >> voters want to know when congress is going to stop kicking the can down the road. they're sort of out of road. >> reporter: the only must-pass item is a short-term measure to keep the government running and avoid the kind of costly shutdowns we saw twice in the 1990s. it's expected to pass. congress could also pass measures to help people hit hard by the drought and by hurricane isaac. perhaps the biggest challenge, the so-called fiscal cliff. a series of tax increases and spending cuts that experts warn taken together could plunge the economy back into recession. >> they'll have about four w
Search Results 0 to 14 of about 15 (some duplicates have been removed)